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Top London Shows - June 2015

Hay Fever Every month our theatre tickets customers vote with their wallets, buying entry to the shows they find the most appealing. Here are the results for June, the most popular twelve theatreland classics from May 2015, the twelve shows our customers enjoyed most, revealed in descending order. Use this list as reference and you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience appreciated by lots of other discerning theatregoers just like you. And take advantage of our latest special offer - we're holding a flash sale on Memphis TODAY, with tickets for selected performances at more than 40% off!

1. Hay Fever
Hay Fever This is the wonderful Noel Coward at his outrageously naughty, provocative best, and it's no surprise it has climbed our chart from last month's number eight to this week's number one slot with the delightful Felicity Kendal at the helm. She stars as the monstrous, terrifying, tyrannical Judith Bliss, ex-star star of the London stage. What happens when her dreadful family take in a collection of unsuspecting house guests? It's painfully funny, quite simply hilarious.
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2. Let It Be
Let It Be Fresh in at number 2, The Beatles musical Let It Be has been seen by more than a million people so far and it's still riding on the crest of a wave. If you want to re-live the band's epic rise and rise from obscure Liverpool club act to international stardom, now's your chance. The musical includes more than 20 smash hits from the early days to the band's later studio masterpieces, so why not sing along with a Beatles tribute band, actors so good they're almost as cool as the real deal?
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3. The Play That Goes Wrong
The Play That Goes Wrong Up one place from April's number four, this excellently silly comedy is still raising the roof in the West End with its affectionate mickey-taking of the eccentric amateur dramatics world, famously odd and a real British comedy staple. Our no booking fee offer began last month and it's running right through to July, which means the giggles are very good value indeed. Get your laughing gear ready for a big night out packed to the brim with funny stuff. You will howl...
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4. Photograph 51
Photograph 51 Number 2 last time, this is the tale of the remarkable Rosalind Franklin, the woman whose essential contribution to the discovery of DNA's structure was never acknowledged by the male scientists she collaborated with. A salutary tale, Franklin's role is acted to perfection by the extremely talented Nicole Kidman, star of stage and screen and, by all accounts, a jolly good egg. See her in action as she brings Franklin, the long-neglected scientific heroine, to vibrant life.
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5. Sunny Afternoon
Sunny Afternoon This epic jukebox musical, jammed solid with legendary chart tunes, won a coveted number 3 position in our chart last time, and it has dropped just two places this time around. Our flash sale offering 40% off tickets in May revived sales for the second month running and we're delighted to see thousands more of you flocking to rock the rafters, courtesy of a group of musicians so good you could almost believe they're The Kinks themselves. A truly brilliant story supported by unforgettable music.
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6. Miss Saigon
Miss Saigon Back in our chart again after a short absence, Cameron Mackintosh's acclaimed new production of Miss Saigon is still making waves, having returned to the West End to break box office records. Inspired by Puccini’s famously lovely opera, Madame Butterfly, it re-imagines the classic love story taking place during the Vietnamese war, when the USA and exotic Vietnam clashed horribly and millions of lives were disrupted. Fantastic.
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7. Beyond Bollywood
Beyond Bollywood Our flash sale offered tickets at up to 40% off in May, shooting this classy, bright, colourful production into our chart for the first time. It tells the tale of a young Indian girl called Shaily Shergill who leaves her home in Germany for India, determined to fulfil her dead mother's dream by becoming a renowned classical Kathak dancer, and perhaps revive the family's failing German theatre while she's at it. Fast, furious and FUN!
Beyond Bollywood Tickets
8. Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games
Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games We had a flash sale at the very beginning of May with tickets selling at as much as 65% off. Bargain! And Michael Flatley has not let audiences down with his latest in a series of unforgettable dance-based shows that have thrilled millions of theatregoers over the years, all over the world. Grab tickets and see this extraordinary choreographic legend-in-the-making for yourself before it's too late.
Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games Tickets
9. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Last month's number 12, this deliciously creative and colourful version of Roald Dahl's children's book legend is still drawing huge crowds, especially during the school holidays. The stage sets are quite simply awesome, the costumes are unforgettable and the story, whether you and your kids already know it or not, entertains audiences every time. Funny and quirky, wise and wicked...
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10. Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! Holding onto its number 10 position for the second month running, this famously feel-good musical is settling in for a very long run indeed. Experts are tipping it as another Les Mis, a show that keeps on attracting huge crowds year after year after year, endlessly popular and always a treat. We challenge you NOT to sing along in your seat and NOT to tap your feel. Sadly we know for sure we can't win the bet – you'll be singing and swaying along with the best of 'em.
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11. The Lion King
The Lion King Last month's number seven, this sweet, exciting 'coming of age' musical hangs onto a chart position yet again this month, with thousands of kids being taken to see it during the school spring break. Our special 'no booking fee' offer ran until 22nd May, which boosted the show's popularity even more. This is theatrical creativity gone wild and you'll adore the vivid costumes, sets and music. What a plot too – lots of feel-good factor included.
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12. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time This show hit number 9 in our list last time and it's in our chart again for the third consecutive month. It's a warm-hearted and wonderfully eccentric murder mystery that takes you on a journey into the fascinating world of a young man whose Autistic spectrum disorder means he sees the world very differently from everyone else. The result is totally charming, a tour de force you won't forget in a hurry. Don't miss it!
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