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Top London Shows - November 2015

Farinelli and The King Who is booking West End theatre tickets to see what at the moment? We've collated the numbers as usual, revealing the shows people bought tickets for during October 2015. Here are last month's most popular productions. You'll notice a hint of early festive spirit in the air, creeping into our chart as we'd expected, with Elf Musical up one place to number three. Oh, and don't forget – the brilliant Billy Elliot is our show of the month, with discounts up to £30.

1. Farinelli and The King
Farinelli and The King Last month's number two, Mark Rylance is proving a massive hit with this brilliant play, sitting comfortably in our top 12 theatre shows chart and no stranger to the top slots. TV's Wolf Hall hurled the actor into an even more stellar position and now his work is better known and loved by more people. As you can imagine, theatre lovers are flocking to see him do his thing live on stage. It's Claire van Kampen's moving, fascinating new play, directed by John Dove and designed by Jonathan Fensom. Don't miss it.
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2. The Winter's Tale
The Winter's Tale Last month's number one, the Bard's popular play has dropped one place this time around, knocked off the top by Mark Rylance and co. The play was first published in Shakespeare's the First Folio, dating back to 1623, and it's remarkable to see it drawing equally big audiences almost four hundred years down the line. Perfect for the festive season, the play was once considered a comedy but these days it's usually classified as a late romance. Whatever you call it, it's quite simply fabulous.
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3. Elf Musical
Elf Musical It's all very, very silly, wonderfully cheerful and highly amusing, but Elf Musical also plays on your heart-strings. Poor boy, brought up thinking he's an elf when he's actually a massive great bloke, far bigger than his tiny, weeny green compatriots. Up one place from last month's number four, this is the charming story of the coming of age of a human elf and his adventures findding himself. It's here for a limited Christmas season, so get your skates on.
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4. Cats
Cats The theatregoing public have been waiting a long time for Cats to come back to the West End. Now it's here at last. The fact that it has blasted its way into our chart at number four says a lot. And, to mark the occasion, we have a generous no booking fee offer on the cards. If you haven’t seen cats yet, you'll be amazed by the costumes, the stage sets and – of course – Andrew Lloyd Webber's mesmerising show tunes. Inspired by T. S Eliot's wonderful book Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, it's due to set theatreland on fire all over again.
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5. The Book of Mormon
The Book of Mormon Last month it stood at number ten in our best selling theatre shows chart. Now it's aiming high, another show that looks like being a big seasonal hit. Everyone loves a giggle at Christmas and this show is perfect for a festive laugh. It's one of the funniest shows for ages, no surprise when the guys responsible for the irreverent and hugely popular TV cartoon series South Park wrote it. What happens when some naïve Mormons travel to Africa to spread their faith? Chaos, that's what. You'll adore it.
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6. Sunny Afternoon
Sunny Afternoon The Kinks never fail to please and this epic jukebox musical, which showcases their lives and times beautifully, is no exception. It hit number seven in last month's top 12 chart and it's still here. It's so popular, in fact, that we've decided to offer tickets with no booking fee, an early festive gift for our customers. It's a Christmas thing. Comedies are always big hitters at this time of year and this musical masterpiece is no stranger to chart success. Welcome back.
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7. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Number 6 last time and another Xmassy favourite, the delightful tale of poverty-stricken Charlie and his beloved granddad never fails to make audiences feel happy. You'll leave the theatre singing the songs, amazed by the stage sets, effects and costumes, and absolutely dying for a bar of chocolate! It's fun, beautifully produced, richly colourful and a treat for anyone, of any age, whether or not they've read the classic book. If you've ever checked a lottery ticket and dearly hoped to win, you'll 'get' the feeling.
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8. Harlequinade
Harlequinade Here's Harlequinade, fresh in at number eight and scoring high with theatre lovers this winter. It comes courtesy of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company, a unique Terence Rattigan double bill with Zoë Wanamaker and Branagh himself in a rarely-staged comedy gem. The play follows a classical theatre company whose intrigues and dalliances are revealed with increasingly horrid and hugely funny consequences, a laugh a minute. And the performance includes All on Her Own, a piece about a woman with a heart-breaking and sinister burden to share. Unforgettable.
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9. Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys The music of Franki Valli and the Four Seasons moved a generation, with millions of us buying their singles and albums through the 1970s. But behind all the stardom and success the band members had their own problems, just like anyone else. This excellent jukebox musical reveals all while taking you through the band's greatest hits, a genuine walk down memory lane for anyone who remembers their considerable chart successes. Fancy a top quality singalong? Go for it.
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10. The Lion King
The Lion King It's starting to look like an equation: The Lion King + Christmas = a position in our top 12 shows chart. It's back again, with a new generation of little ones falling in love with this charming tale and plenty of dedicated second-and-third timers flocking to see it again. The costumes are quite simply remarkable. The show tunes are adored by everyone who comes across them. And it's a proper heart-warming seasonal tale of good triumphing over evil. If you haven't seen it yet, book tickets now.
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11. Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard You're searching for a glamour-fest of a show, something for grown-ups, something with a nice, dark, disturbing heart. This one's for you, last month's number three and a masterpiece in Hollywood glamour It's an enormously popular black comedy based on the remarkable film of the same name and starring a real, live Hollywood actress, Glenn Close. It was a smash hit on Broadway and now it's over here, drawing crowds and thrilling large audiences. Why not join them to enjoy a Christmas theatre treat for discerning adults?
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12. Aladdin
Aladdin New in at number twelve, you can tell it's Xmas when a panto-style production makes big waves. But Aladdin the Musical isn't on stage until next year... so what's going on? The thing is, this production has been long-awaited after its legendary Broadway run. The musical is based on the cartoon movie of the same name, and that's what is driving dramatic early ticket sales. It includes all the songs from the film plus a few new ones, and the excitement is already gathering. Hot stuff.
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How's that for a pre-Christmas masterpiece of a chart? A nice balance of seasonals and classics, a rare opportunity to see Harlequinade, a collection of stonking musicals and some Shakespeare thrown in. What will you see next? Theatreland is particularly exciting and lovely at this time of year, as the Xmas lights go up, and the atmosphere is hard to beat. We'll see you soon!