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The Book of Mormon

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The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre

The original Cast Album of The Book of Mormon shot to prominence, becoming the highest charting cast album in four decades. The musical has shocked and delighted US audiences on Broadway and won an impressive collection of top awards. It's rude, foul mouthed, crude, wonderfully satirical and billed as the next massive West End Smash hit!

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The Book of Mormon Reviews

An unstoppable hit. Damnably clever and sharp. - Daily Telegraph
It’s the hit of the year. Surprising, beguiling absurdity, and daring at every level. - The Times
The most talked about show in London. A blast of often goofy, sometimes glorious musical comic delight. This show is the real deal. - The Stage
I absolutely loved it. Seriously inspired and absolutely uproarious. - The Independent
The Book of Mormon is viciously funny. Spirited and refreshing; joyous and even cuddly. Its defining feature is a filthy irreverence – an infatuation with making fun of everything, including itself. - The Evening Standard

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Customer Reviews

Very lively performances by Charles

There was never a dull moment and it kept the audience smiling and laughing; highly recommended.

Amazing Mormons by Mark

My wife and I have seen the show four times: three times in London once in New York and the one today was the best yet. Elder McKinley, Price and Cunningham were unbelievably on. They're dancing and singing was spectacular and their acting, as always, great. It is simply a fun show to see especially if looking for a laugh. We talked to Stevie Webb(Elder McKinley ) after the show and he is the kindest and most grateful gentleman. I highly recommend The Book of Mormon for adults looking for a great night or afternoon out on the town!

Absolutely wacky by Gabriella

This show is so funny from start to end. Completely wacky and great fun

Very funny by Tina

I thought it was hilarious but I think some might people could find it very offensive with strong language and possibly racist as well.

BE warned - by the makers of South Park by Lolly

So rude, lots of swear word and not for the faint-hearted! Abstain if you are deeply religious, no kidding, you won't like it But absolutely brilliant, amazing story, superb delivery and extremely slick dance routines and dialogues. It keeps you guessing till the end, although in hindsight obvious (isn't it always?) and utterly energising and fun. You'll not have seen anything like this before...

Insider trading by Shellie

This must have benn written by by a couple of ex Mormons nobody could have this much insight unless they used to be one

Will have you laughing out loud by Jackie

A very clever topical funny show but could offend some with its contents.

Worth the wait by Tim

So about 4 years ago I saw Book of Mormon on the Tony awards and thought this looks good, I then bought the Broadway cast recording album and was blown away, constantly listening to it so much that I knew all the words to all the songs. Fast forward four years and I took my seat in the theatre to see it for the first time, I was blown away, everything was perfect, acting, set, sound and lighting, I haven't laughed so much at the theatre. If someone could tell me how, I would love to audition or work on the show it is, without a doubt, the best show I have ever seen. If you haven't seen it yet then what are you waiting for, if you have seen it then I'm sure you are like me and want to see it again!!

Witty funny and non Pc! by Maria

Loved this show! Must do.

Extremely funny and satirical by Ann

I really enjoyed the show but would not recommend to everyone as some of the content was offensive. Have been to many musicals but this made me laugh out loud. Have been to Salt Lake City and attended a service at the Tabernacle so very relevant to me.

Delightfully Ireverant by Frank

Hilarious, but you must come with an open mind as it pokes fun at religion and racial steriotypes. Great evening of fun!

by Teresa

I enjoyed the show, but wished that I had known a little more about the content before I attended. Some people ,of a more delicate disposition, may have been a little offended by it!! Don't take your mum.

Hilarious by Charlie

I don't normally write reviews but feel the need to tell everyone about how funny this show is! Honestly had me in stitches the whole way through!

Never laughed so much by Melanie

Brilliantly hilarious. Can't wait to go back and see it again. Not for those easily offended - but that made it all the funnier.

Fun by Margaret

A comedy with moderate profanity and the hint of a serious underlying message but primarily some great song and dance

Hilariously amazing show!! by chloe

This was the BEST show!!! The acting and dancing was fantastic and I laughed until I cried!!

colourful by shirley

very entertaining

Hello! HELLO! I want to see the show again! by SAM

If you was not a believer you still wont be. Brilliant show.

Hilarious -inclusive audience experience by keith

Cannot be missed

brilliant alternative musical for all audiences by Jeremy

Brilliant offball take on musicals. It follows the tradition - team of 2 ill-matched buddies, journey through difficulties to resolution and friendship - while also playing with it all the time. As the writers say in the programme, it respects religion while having fun with it. Amazingly clear explanation of Mormonism as well - in true musical style. Great idea, great songs, and overall a fantastic experience.

Africa Fest by Neil

For anyone who has been to Africa,enjoys the ridicule of naive Americans, this is the night out for you.

Very funny but could offend. by Keeley

Great show

Best show in years by Abigail

Really wasn't expecting such a thoroughly hilarious and entertaining show. Glad we took a chance on seeing something new. Cast were on point, definitely one to see just for the dancing!! Our seats were in the middle of the circle and we had a great view, will definitely see again.

fun and frolics by Angela

would recommend for broadminded people....don,t bring your maiden aunt or anyone of a religious nature.

The Book of Mormon by Stephen

Breaking Rules, but it feels sooooooo good. Hilarious

Most amazing show you will ever see! by Mikki

Not suitable for children. Very funny Awesome choreography, songs, acting, story line. Just everything you could possibly want!

What age are we in? by Judy

We were dismayed that a theatrical production that makes fun of a religious group and promotes ethnic stereotypes about Uganda is hugely popular. I bought the tickets simply because of the positive rating online and was shocked at people openly making fun of others. Making fun of our own group is okay, but no one in the audience was both Mormon and Ugandan. This is a negative flashback to more primitive times.

Excellent Adult Show by Alice

The Show is fantastic and extremely funny, but you have to have a sense of Humour, but I would not recommend kids going to this as do not forget the people that wrote this also Wrote South Park.

AMAZING!!! by Dan

Absolutely incredible performance!!

Guffaws Galore by Brenda

Cheeky, irreverent and loads of fun. Be prepared to laugh at humanity's ridiculousness. May not be for everyone as contains adult language and sexual innuendos.

Risque but extremely good fun! by Jacqui

Loved the show. It was funny, rude, near the mark and will brilliant acting, singing, dancing and lighting. It's definitely not for children or families. Adults only

awesome laughing experience by Marinus

It's been quite some time ago that I laughed that hard and long. From curtains up it was a great roller coaster ride with an outstanding performance. Warning for the sensitive theatre visitor, quite some profanity & don't go if you are a mormon. However, it was a great experience and a must see show.

Awesome show by Amy

Very funny. Much like the sense of humor from the jerry springer opera. Not suitable for younger kids due to language and content. Recommended!!

amazing, funny, irreverent and great by Francesca Luni Molteni

Don't miss the show, it is worth all the grammies it won

Cried with laughter! by Sarah

This was the funniest show I've ever seen. So clever, totally irreverent and risqué but I literally cried with laughter. Not for the shockable types!

Adult show by Claire

This show was well staged well acted well danced and well sung. It was extremely funny but was adult humour and very in PC. Not one for granny or children

Brilliant by Cole

Best and most funny musical I've ever seen. Not good for those prone to being offended.

Black and White Minstrel Show for liberals by John

Sad, cynical; so much below the standards of wit and intelligence established by its authors in South Park

the mormon show by ruth

very funny but very slick. Good timing. Nothing could beat the first impact of Mormons singing and dancing

Book of Mormon by Ren

enjoyable musical with some good set pieces and excellent choreography. The actors were great - especially Arnold but some of the script seemed to be put in just for shock value rather than contributing to the comedy of the show. The theatre really needs to sort out it's air con - we melted and if it hadn't been for our son's enjoyment of the show I would have walked out just because of how uncomfortable we were.

Totally Amazing!!!! by Louis

Wonderfully written show, amazing acting, flawless movement. Hillarious! Highly recommended!

Very apt

Rollicking good fun. Not recommended for Mormons though.

Hilarious but not for the easily offended!!

Camp as a row of tents, absolutely hilarious, completely irreverent, racist stereotyping, clever, entertaining and a breath of fresh air!! Not for anyone who takes themselves or their religion too seriously - naughty words, bad taste, anti almost everything except Disney. Don't take too seriously but don't go if you are straight laced!

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