The Mystery of Charles Dickens

The Mystery of Charles Dickens

Playhouse Theatre

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The Mystery Of Charles Dickens tickets – Exhilarating and colourful!

It’s two hundred years since the birth of Charles Dickens, but he’s still widely regarded as one of Britain’s greatest ever novelists. Which is why this splendid production is set to catch the eye of thousands when Simon Callow takes the stage.

The show features forty nine of Dickens’ best-loved characters in a fast-paced and richly funny expose packed with love, hate, passion, despair and hilarity. Callow illustrates Dickens' remarkable life and those of some of the most notorious famous ladies and gentlemen of the times, the wealthy, the famous and the toast of colourful Victorian England.

Simon Callow is a past-master of the one man show, with all the dramatic force and personality needed to drive the play along at a cracking pace, enough to make your hair stand on end with sheer dramatic pleasure!

If you love Callow, this is for you. If you adore Dickens, you’ll enjoy this just as much as sitting in a comfy chair for a jolly good read. If you know nothing about the writer’s personal life and times, it’ll fascinate and intrigue you as an amazing life unfolds on stage.

Simon Callow is a huge fan of Dickens, so brings sincerity and true feeling to the show. He’s a highly respected author as well as a marvellous actor, and has written two excellent books about Dickens and his work, confessing to a lifetime’s passion for our literary hero. He has also played the great man himself on several occasions, in Hans Christian Andersen’s My Life as a Fairy-tale, An Audience With Charles Dickens, on the BBC, in a Dickens-themed Dr Who adventure and in the original version of The Mystery of Charles Dickens, at home and on Broadway.

As Callow says, "When you find a writer that you love it's like finding a best friend. Dickens never ceases to delight me”. And what a delightful performance this is, just as good as Callow’s outstanding appearances in A Christmas Carol, and David Copperfield where he played Mr Micawber.

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