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Long Day's Journey Into Night

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Long Day's Journey Into Night at the Wyndham's Theatre

Take two of Britain's best-loved star-studded actors, Jeremy Irons and Lesley Manville. Take one of the most popular and critically acclaimed 20th century American plays. Take one sold-out run at Bristol Old Vic, and add a splash of Richard Eyre. What do you get? It's Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

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Customer Reviews

hardly heard anything,inspite sitting in the first was very hot in the theater. by adina

you can't enjoy a show when you hardly hear.the Apollo theater should put speakers on the stage or the actors speak louder.

My seat was awful Especially given all the empty seats

Best in London by IB

This play was excellent in every way. It is a serious drama, not many laughs, beautifully and powerfully acted by a wonderful cast. The only negative point is that it's an early start at 7pm so makes for a rushed meal at the end of a normal day in the office.

Splendid evening by Christine

Wonderful acting and intriguing story, but do not expect many laughs

Review of a classic tale of a dysfunctional family by r

A superbly acted play giving a remarkable insight into one of the more tragic days for a severely dysfunctional family.

Why did this show get excellent reviews? by Mary

I selected the show as a result of good reviews in Sunday Times, but was bitterly disappointed with the performance. 1st Act: was too rushed & did not allow actors to express emotions adequately; I blamed this on the Director. 2nd Act:the actors seemed to give up the will to act & produced scenes which would have reflected badly on an amateur production; it was almost slapdash.

What was wrong with this show? by Nickerless

The subject of this play is difficult. It needed sensitive handling. In particular it needed sensitive dialogue and good direction so that good acting could give full rein to the range of emotions to which the subject matter gave rise. Sadly it got none of these. The 2nd act in particular just degenerated into a drunken farce. The speeches and monologues were gabbled. The son with TB only coughed occasionally and was ill only when it suited. If the aim was just to portray a dis-functional family then that was fine. It desperately needed doses of humour to lighten the gloom. It got none. The overall impression was of a long term shouting match. There was no empathy given to the plight of this family. I was left with the impression that I could not have cared less about any of them. They all deserved their fate.

by stephen

This is a long, profoundly depressing play about a highly dysfunctional family unable to be together or apart. It has some memorable portrayals as such and an unforgettable Suchet at his best - but while acknowledging its excellence, not a play I would want to see again!

by julian

This show is really worth seeing. It gives you anonymous membership of a totally dysfunctional family as the parents and two adult sons interact in a pathetic dance of debate, helplessly twisting from hate to love and back again, within a background of devastating issues of mutual dependance and distrust, ill-health and alcohol and drug addiction. You cannot help but smile in recognition of all the truths of family relationships which are so sympthetically, lovingly and devastatingly revealed by actions and words, powerful and banal, that go nowhere except ultimately into the night, both literal and metaphorical, of the title. It is extraordinary how powerfully and consistently all four of the actors are their characters from start to finish. Their performances are truly monumental in conveying both intimacy and distance, tenderness and rage, turning from one to the other and back again even within a sentence. There is awareness and truth, ignorance and deceit, all virtually simultaneous. Although it is a long time - three hours - it passes in a seeming moment, such is the compelling conviction of the performance. You can understand why O'Neill is reported to have come out of his study weeping while writing. It would take a hard heart not to do the same on leaving the theatre.

Outstanding by Genevieve

Other than finding the first half a little too long, this was superb. the character of Mary was simply outstanding.

by Malcolm

Absolutely gripping. Wonderful acting. One of the great plays of the 20th century.

by John

One of the most inpressive demonstrations of the dramatic arts I have seen in several decades of theatre going. The whole case was excellent and the leads were beyond outstanding. Well done - keep it up.

Long Day by JOhn

Excellent on every level.

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